Type Toggles Info Sift Size Keypress locate Custom classes Images Custom toggle label Spreadsheet style selections Enable/disable Stops ie6 bleedthrough Extendable Visual Heatmap Dynamic setup,add,remove
SelectBoxFactory: dropdown Yes: Open, closed Yes, but not terribly useful N/A Any > 0 Yes*,** Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SelectBoxFactory: select-one Yes: Open, closed, none Yes, but more useful if toggleStyle = none Only if toggleStyle = none Any > 0 Yes*,** Yes Yes Yes, if toggleStyle != none N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes, heatmap buttons also available Yes
SelectBoxFactory: select-multiple N/A (only supports none) Yes Yes Any > 0 Yes*,** Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, heatmap buttons also available Yes
Standard javascript select Yes, (but dropdowns can't be open or closed by default.) No No Any > 0 Yes*,** Yes, (but not nearly as customizable as these. We've all seen the issues with styling select boxes.) No Yes Yes Yes No No*** No Yes
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* not currently working for webkit/safari?
** this supports one press. Newer browsers allows multiple presses.
*** There are limited ways to make dropdowns do more things for you. But not anywhere near what you can do with the SelectBoxFactory.
Super Tables, like the one above, v0.30 courtesy Matts411.com